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Oct, 2018

Cold Weather Preparation

"Players will only be warm if they start warm"

Are you overdressing or underdressing your player?

Don't negatively affect their performance at practice or games. See below to dress your players properly in cold weather!

Too often we see players over or underdressed. Both cause players discomfort and negatively affect their practice and game performance.

We have had situations where players have to stop practicing and sit in a heated vehicle due to being underdressed and unable to participate.

Read our tips below!

What to Wear

  1. Beanies & Gloves
    • Heat loss will occur through the head and hands. Make sure they are covered. Cold hands are one of the biggest reasons players are in discomfort.
  2. Base layers ("Under Armour")
    • Base layers are extremely important to prevent heat escaping through exposed skin, while wicking moisture to keep you dry. Base layer tops must match Jersey Color, and short base layers must match the Short Color.
  3. Outer layers
    • On top of the base layer, form fitted pullovers/sweatshirts and pants are advised. Full-length zips should be avoided. BC United sells branded form-fitted items in our online team store.
  4. Neck warmers
    • Less commonly seen but very useful, neck warmers are ideal if a player's outer layer does not cover the neck. Be sure the neck warmer has a snug fit.

What to Avoid
  1. Dangling, loose clothing
    • Hoodies, hats with pieces that can be tugged, or drawstrings should be avoided.
  2. Over-sized clothing
    • Over-sized clothing is uncomfortable and the player will struggle to perform to their best ability if they are constantly adjusting an outer layer that does not fit them properly.
  3. Heavy clothing
    • Players do not want to feel "weighed down." A proper base layer and outer layers will provide your athlete warmth without sacrificing mobility. Most heavy clothing does not allow moisture to escape and makes the player cold and wet.

"Wear lots of thin layers to keep heat in, you can always take layers off"

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